Stories in Transit VI

Stories in Transit VI

Above, the set-up for animating one of the stories.
Photograph taken by Lee Shearman

Stories in Transit VI

26-29 September 2018

Oratorio Santa Chiara
Piazza Marina, Museo Pasqualino

Stories in Transit VI brought together about 50 students from the Centro Provinciale per l’Istruzione degli Adulti with a fairly international group of artists, musicians and writers. A lot of them were returning participants, many faces were new.

Throughout the four days we all worked together towards producing performances for three stories told by previous participants, adopting different media for each:
- Numu Touray’s Uno per te e uno per me (One for You and One for me) with puppets
- Amadou Diallo’s Il Vecchio e il Serpente : La storia del genio di Palermo (The Old Man and the Serpent: The Story of the Genius of Palermo) with traditional cantastorie painted story board banner
- Dine Diallo’s Il Cacciatore e il Figlio del Re (The Huntsman and the King’s Son), animation film, in combination with live action drama.

A full narrative report can be found here.

Watch a film of the workshop here! First shown at the Migrant Knowledge conference in Cambridge.


Students of Centro Provinciale per l’Istruzione degli Adulti (CPIA)

Joan Ashworth - artist, filmmaker and independent scholar

Clelia Bartoli - teacher, writer, and coordinator of the educational experiment Polipolis at the "CPIA - Palermo 1," dedicated to unaccompanied foreign minors; lecturer in Human Rights at the Department of Legal Sciences of the University of Palermo, she has served as an expert at the Italian Ministry of Integration

Valentina Castagna - lecturer, translator, writer, former Associate Research Fellow at the Birkbeck College (University of London), worked for several years as an independent interpreter and translator for the Law Courts of Palermo

Nicola Chemotti - Deisgner and organiser of Evening Class, a self-organised learning environment in London

Selma Dabbagh - writer and human rights and international criminal lawyer; author of the novel Out of It (2011)

Marcia Farquhar – artist

Jem Finer – artist, musician and composer

Spike Gascoigne – artist and printmaker

Giocherenda – artist collective of young refugees building, inventing, animating and selling storytelling games

Adam Hayes – professional freelance drummer

Antonia Karaisl

Mercedes Kemp - writer and Director of Community and Research for WildWorks Theatre Company and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Falmouth University

Ansel Krut – painter

Hannah Machover - workshop coordinator of Stories in Transit and artist-maker

Roger Malbert - former Head of Hayward Touring and author of Drawing People: The Human Figure in Contemporary Art (2015)

Lucia Lanzara - singer & songwriter, see more here

Yousif Latif Jaralla - storyteller

Elvira Rose Oddy – artist

Matthew Reynolds – Professor of English and Comparative Criticism and Tutorial Fellow, St Anne’s College, University of Oxford

Lee Shearman – Arts educator, illustrator and designer

Wafa' Tarnowska – children's writer, storyteller and translator

Philip Terry - poet, professor at the University of Essex, where he teaches Creative Writing; writer and editor of The Penguin Book of Oulipo (2019)

Mary Wilsey Venturini – former editor of Wanted in Rome

Marina Warner – writer and cultural historian, Professor of English and Creative Writing at Birkbeck College, University of London, Fellow of the British Academy and President-Elect of the Royal Society of Literature

Stevie Wishart – musician and composer, B.A. Hons Music (University of York), MLitt (Unviersity of Oxford), fruitful and passionate career in experimental as well as traditional music, focusing on the ability of music to bring people together

Supported by the Metabolic Studio, with the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), London.


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