Giocherenda are a collective established by a group young migrants in Palermo. All participated in Stories in Transit workshops, developing and furthering SiT principles - they create games that generate collective stories! On their website they write (translated from Italian):

We Giocherenda come from Guinea, Gambia, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Morocco: many of us have left our countries because of conflicts and dictatorships, facing a terribly hard journey in search of peace, freedom and adventure towards a possible future.

Arriving in Palermo, we met at the school desks and in the reception centers and we wanted to put ourselves in the game not only with respect to our life, but also towards the country that welcomed us: we want to make a positive contribution by using our creativity and our resourcefulness.

To make our contribution we have given life to a project of cooperation for human development, reversed with respect to the usual: our aim is to help everyone discover that solidarity is an obligatory choice because we all depend on others, that is, to discover to play !

Giocherenda opened their doors at their new headquarters in Palermo on 6 December 2019! Find out more about the event here. Amongst those present included the Mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando and the Councilor for Solidarity Giuseppe Mattina.

You can find their website here, their Etsy shop here and their facebook page here!


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