Arabic Translation Workshops

Arabic Translation Workshops

Arabic Poetry and Stories Translation Workshops
'It was and it was not…' Translation in Action (from Arabic into English)

May 11, May 25, June 6, June 25 2017

Funded by CHASE, at Birkbeck College and School of Oriental and African Studies, London

The Arabic Translation Workshop was a continuation in spirit of the 'The Bearer-Beings' events at Oxford in 2016 and consisted of four translation and creative writing workshops in London. These were small groups, limited to twenty-four participants, focused on rendering Arabic, including literature from Sicily during the period when Arabic was one of the island's languages. Stories from the Arabian Nights (including verse passages), folklore, and the contemporary writers Hanan al-Shaykh, Adhaf Soueif, and Tamim al-Barghouti visited the workshops to read and discuss their work. The aim of this series is to explore how non-Arabic speakers can participate and learn from processes of translation from Arabic, and thereby to understand how such collaborative translation practices can help build imaginative communities to address the current migration crisis. Writers with other languages were especially integral during this workshop as bridges to Arabic and a third of those who were present were Arabists or native speakers of Arabic. To view a flyer for the workshops, as well as a more detailed description of the objectives, please click here.
More dates to be announced.

To view a video of group discussions during the workshop to exchange news of the efforts that had been made, please see YouTube channel here.


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